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Medication-assisted treatment in Kansas City | Benefits of Medication Assisted Treatment

medication assisted treatment in Kansas City

Benefits of Medication Assisted Treatment

Suffering from chronic pain and falling into the clutches of opiate addiction can send you down a long, difficult road. Fortunately, recovery is possible with the right treatment plan and resources, despite it being a complicated process. Today, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is the most popular form of treatment for people suffering from substance abuse. While it might seem strange to use prescription drugs for addiction recovery, MAT has been around for years. At National Suboxone Doctors, we offer the most comprehensive medication-assisted treatment in Kansas City designed to help ensure our patients remain safe throughout the detox process. This is how medication assisted treatment can be helpful. But first things first:


What is Medical Assisted Treatment?

MAT is a clinically proven method that involves the use of medications alongside behavioral therapy or counseling to treat addiction. Only FDA-approved medications can be used in MAT programs. Currently, there are three main drugs approved for the treatment of opioid use disorder: methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone. Each of these drugs has a different effect. At National Suboxone Doctors, we focus on the use of Buprenorphine, a partial opioid agonist that reduces withdrawal symptoms and cravings.


Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment

MAT has a proven track record of success in recovery outcomes and is the gold standard in addiction treatment. Some of the key benefits of medication-assisted treatment include:


Safer withdrawal

Drug withdrawal can cause various withdrawal symptoms, both physical and mental. In fact, this is one of the main reasons people with substance use disorders get trapped in the cycle of addiction. MAT helps patients deal with the toughest stages of withdrawal by alleviating their symptoms.


Reduced drug-related deaths

Patients on medication-assisted treatment are less likely to seek out drugs since they aren’t bogged down with intense drug cravings. This lowers the risk of an overdose (whether intentional or unintentional), suicide, and other preventable causes of death.


Better outcomes

Addiction is a deadly disease of the body, mind, and soul. That’s why it’s important to recognize every individual struggling with substance abuse as a whole person. MAT does a good job at this as it combines behavioral therapy and counseling.


Extended medical support

No one should go through addiction alone. Even with the support of friends and families, sometimes what you need is someone more qualified to help you through the process. At National Suboxone Doctors, our patients are our priority – they become family. We offer our patients extended medical support, standing by them throughout their recovery journey.



Drug and alcohol addiction treatment has never been cheap. Factor in several relapses, and soon you will be dealing with piles of medical receipts. Being a highly effective method with such high success rates, MAT helps you get the best value for your money.



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