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Finding The Best Drug Rehab Centers, St Louis

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Finding The Best Drug Rehab Centers, St Louis

Whether you or someone you love has an addiction to illicit opiates or prescription painkillers, National Suboxone Doctors can offer you a way forward. Our Midwest Health Center is available for people in St Louis or Kansas City to receive confidential treatment from experts in the field of addiction.

Looking for Something Different to a Methadone Clinic, St Louis?
Opiate addiction can be treated in many ways, and one of the most popular is to use methadone as a substitute prescription. Methadone is often used because it is simple and relatively cheap. However, it is not always the best option, and research has shown that it creates a dependency of its own that can be as difficult to manage as the original opiate.

Instead of searching for a methadone clinic in St Louis, why not try something different? We use Medically Assisted Treatment that doesn’t swap one drug for another. We won’t create a dependency on a different drug but offer the opportunity to use Buprenorphine as a basis to allow you to reduce your opiate use in a safe, controlled way.

What to Expect from Our Outpatient Drug Rehab, St Louis

When you arrive at our outpatient drug rehab in St Louis or Kansas City, you will be met by friendly staff with a desire to help you. There is no judgment in our centers, as we recognize that opiate addiction is a chronic illness that requires treatment, and not a lifestyle choice. We create an environment where you can be honest so that we can create the best treatment plan for you.

Our treatment is based on your individual needs. We will work with you to decide the best way forward, which may include a prescription to get your dependency under control, and counseling to address the reasons you may have started using, or continue to use opiates.

Our Flexible Approach Is Here To Help You Achieve Success

We have a flexible approach to drug rehab, which involves outpatient care, meaning you can continue to go about your life while getting your addiction under control. This is especially important for people who have jobs to go to or family at home. With outpatient treatment, you can build a robust support system that will continue to support you after you have finished treatment with us.

We have flexible payment options that allow you to choose how best to pay for your treatment. We know that your recovery should be your top priority, and we want to remove the barrier of cost. That is why we offer payment plans that suit your situation.

Get in Touch Today to Find Out How We Can Help

If you, or someone you love, struggles with opiates, then National Suboxone Doctors are here to help. Whether you need a clinic in St Louis or Kansas City, our friendly staff will be ready to answer your questions. Pick up the phone and start your journey to living a drug-free life.